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Are you getting ready for a fancy dress party? Step your costume game up a notch with a pair of white prescription contact lenses. If your glasses are cramping your style then why not ditch them for a night and get yourself a pair of prescription fancy dress contact lenses. Become a super freaky Halloween character or use for your next photoshoot. White lenses are the ultimate scary lenses because we are used to seeing colourful irises.

If you are into makeup artistry either as an amateur or professional then white coloured prescription contact lenses are perfect for creating eerie makeup looks. Fashion contact lenses can now be for everyone thanks to prescription novelty contact lenses. With Coloured Contacts you can choose the prescription for each eye so you can be sure to closely match your prescription.

Prescription White Contact Lenses UK

The White Mesh Halloween Coloured Prescription Contact Lenses are great as prescription white out contacts. These lenses cover both the iris and pupil so you can achieve a truly terrifying look. The mesh effect allows tiny squares of your natural colour to peek through. This crisscross effect makes it look as if you are a trapped soul or a possessed zombie. They give a blind eye effect but are designed to be seen through. Please note they may slightly obscure vision. Surprise your family and friends at your next fancy dress party and they are sure to be given a fright.

White Angelic Coloured Prescription Contact Lenses give the effect of a pure white iris surrounded by a black limbal ring. This pair of lenses is surely one of the coolest pair of prescription zombie contact lenses UK. These are perfect for creating that innocent eyed look or emulating the look of an angel or ghost. We think the black detailing gives an animalistic presence to these spooky lenses. However you decide to dress up these contacts, one thing is sure. You are bound to look super scary this Halloween!

You have seen a taster of our prescription white out contact lenses but the best way to explore your options is to get browsing through our online store. With plenty of pictures and blogs to help you choose your perfect style, it is time to get shopping!

Prescription Horror Contact Lenses

Our white prescription contact lenses naturally lend themselves to being Horror lenses thanks to their freaky hollow eyed look. We have lenses available in 1 day, 90 day or 1 year durations so you can be sure to find the perfect contacts for you. If you don’t want the hassle of cleaning your lenses then our 1 day lenses are disposable so you can simply wear once and then throw away. If you are looking to reprise your winning roles as your favourite characters and creepy monsters then why not check out our 90 day and 1 year contacts. All you need to do to maintain these lenses is to clean with eye care solution and store in a lens case, both of which are available on our website. These lenses are reusable as long as they are kept sanitary and the time period starts from the first use.

Our lenses are all safe for use because every pair of lenses is FDA-approved. This means you will receive a pair of lenses that are soft, lightweight and breathable. We know eye safety is of the greatest importance which is why we make sure to only sell the highest quality lenses. We know you will want to go to your usual lens supplier but you won’t find Specsavers Halloween contact lenses. Coloured Contacts is sure to become your favourite retailer for prescription theatrical contacts for your costume parties and events.

Before you wear fashion contact lenses it is best to check your eye suitability with your eye doctor or optician. Be sure to ask any questions to the professionals as it never pays to take risks with eye health. Once you have established you are able to wear white zombie prescription contact lenses check out our huge selection of products on the Coloured Contacts website and explore our how to guides and handy blog posts. Learn about the coolest styles and costumes and become an expert in inserting contact lenses.

Our prescription coloured contacts range is continuing to grow so if you haven’t found what you are looking for today check back soon and you are sure to find plenty of awesome new products including red prescription contact lenses UK for the perfect devil costume. Perfect for creating devil and angel couples fancy dress with one set of white contacts and one set of red contacts.

It can be a worry that white prescription contact lenses cheap will harm your eyes but here at Coloured Contacts, we keep the prices down without compromising on quality so you can be sure that your eyes are as safe as possible and can focus on enjoying the party of fancy dress event. We are just as good as eBay and Amazon with the added bonus that our site is dedicated to selling coloured contacts lenses. What are you waiting for? Add a pair or two of our white prescription contact lenses to your costume accessory collection.