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If you’re looking to buy Witch Coloured Contact Lenses for a Witch costume then you’ve come to the right place. Whether you’re looking for the perfect pair of magical eyes for a Cosplay outfit that you’re taking to a convention or just want to take your Halloween costume to the next level, we have the witch contact lenses to suit your needs. At Coloured Contacts we make sure that you have the best quality lenses when it comes to safety and effectiveness of colour. This means that you can relax knowing your Halloween night or Cosplay weekend will be the greatest experience it can possibly be.

Many people will try to buy coloured contacts on the high street, but they will often get fake contact lenses that won’t cover your natural eye colour. When you buy from Coloured Contacts, we can guarantee that our lenses have been tested by government quality inspectors to ensure that the product you buy is the best it can possible be. So if you’re looking for some creepy contact lenses, we can assure you that they will always look and feel great from the first day until the end of the lens’s duration.

Our lenses come in a few different durations. The disposable 1 day lenses would be perfect for someone who is going to wear their lenses to a party or special event. Most people who want to complete their Halloween fancy dress costume will get 1 day duration on their lenses and will simply dispose of the contacts after the party has ended. While you can also dispose of longer duration lenses after one use, they will cost more to purchase. If you’re looking to go to multiple Cosplay conventions or plan on spending a whole weekend at a particularly big convention then you’ll want a repeat use lens like our 90 day duration lenses. With the help of a contact lens case and some contact lens solution you can wash them overnight and wear them again during the next day of convention fun.

You can search through our Witch coloured contact lenses section right away, but if you’re still looking for some inspiration then here are a few colour options available that will definitely suit the spookiest of witches.

  • Green Witch Contact Lenses – If you’re looking for some wicked witch contact lenses then you may enjoy some green witch contacts. There are several options but the Green Witches Eyes Coloured Contact Lenses will give you a pallid green iris that will definitely stand out in your costume. But if you’d prefer something that seems really magical and you’re either going to a party with UV lights or can add them to your own party then you will want the Green UV I-Glow Coloured Contact Lenses as they will give you a bright green contact lens until you stand in the UV light and they begin to glow in the dark. This is a brilliant option for anyone who wants to add a little theatre to their party.
  • Purple Witch Contact Lenses – If green isn’t your thing but you still want an eerie pair of contacts then you might prefer the purple witch contacts in this selection. With lenses like the Purple Violet Solar Coloured Contact Lenses you can have a powerful purple colour that will stand out from the crowd. This colour would be perfect for someone who wants to add witch doctor contact lenses to a witch doctor costume. If you’re still looking for something that stands out even when the lights are off then we also have the Purple Violet UV I-Glow Coloured Contact Lenses that work the same as the green but with a purple haze.
  • Black Witch Contact Lenses – If you’re looking to encapsulate the evil side of your witches costume then the perfect effect can be achieve with some black witch contacts like the Black Mini Sclera Zombie Coloured Contact Lenses. Theses lenses will make you iris appear larger and will be completely black with your pupil. The result is a demonic look that is perfect for a witch who has just made a contract with the devil. Or if a novelty look is more your thing then perhaps the Black Spiral Halloween Coloured Contact Lenses which feature a black and spiral that will leave everyone in a trance. These are the best fx contact lenses for your costume if you don’t want to add a UV light.
  • White Witch Contact Lenses – From the other side of the spectrum, we have the white witch contacts that will definitely give some special effects to your costume. For example the White Blind Zombie Halloween Coloured Contact Lenses which will turn your eyes a completely white colour. These are brilliant for creating a full white eye effect. These are perfect if you’re looking to create a glossed over eye while you’re chanting incomprehensible spells to your friends.

When it comes to coloured costume contact lenses you’ll be hard pressed to find a better variety of products as our range rivals big name sellers like eBay and Amazon, but we focus on this one product to specialize in making high quality lenses that won’t be beaten. These fx contact lenses are a great addition to your costume so make sure to try them out. Once you’ve seen how great they look, you’ll wonder why you haven’t been wearing Halloween coloured contacts every year. So start searching through our blind section and find the lenses that have a place in your once in a lifetime costume.

Once you’ve picked your favourite pair of lenses then you can buy witch coloured contact lenses online, then just sit back and wait for the lenses to be sent directly to your door. Then you can take them out on Halloween or whenever you intend to use them. We ship internationally to Europe, Australia, America and more! All of our contacts have been gone through the FDA’s three tier screening process to assure that these lenses are safe, effective and secure. They will be comfortable in your eyes as they are made from a Polyhema material that contains water in order to remain lubricated while in your eyes.