Colour Changing Contacts: 2020 Lookbook

Colour Changing Contacts: 2020 Lookbook

2020 was one crazy year and we are so thankful to have an amazing community of affiliates to show off our contact lenses and keep us smiling, during the lockdowns, with their incredibly creative makeup art! As 2021 begins, we are taking a moment to look back at some of the highlights of our 2020 Instagram feed with a year in pictures. Our colour changing contacts have been used by SFX makeup artists, cosplayers, natural/glam makeup artists, and Halloween fanatics.

We would love to include you all in this blog since we were fortunate enough to have so many new makeup artists discovering our lenses and tagging us throughout the year so if you want to see more from 2020 make sure to head over to our Instagram. We appreciate every single picture and video you tag us in and always take the time to look at your awesome work!

These are the posts that you loved the most from our Instagram feed, each month of 2020, featuring our coloured eye contacts.


January started with a fiery lookbook of Hades cosplays. Taking inspiration from Disney’s depiction of Hades, makeup artists such as @queenofluna shared their own badass versions of this villain with their colour enhancement contact lenses.


We continued into February with @makeupbyrups taking the lead with an incredible Krampus SFX look. We have been working with Rups for several years; time and time again she produces absolutely incredible content and shows off our coloured contacts non prescription in creative ways so makeup sure to check out more from Rups, here.


In March, it was the turn of the Cosplayers to steal the limelight with a fantastic array of characters. With a little something for anime fans and popular culture fans, we were definitely feeling inspired by these fantastic character makeup looks featuring our best coloured contacts.


In April you went crazy for our White Blind and White Mesh Coloured Contacts Lenses so we got the chance to share an awesome a variety of designs by affiliates and customers. Seeing our amazing affiliates and customers enjoying their coloured contact lenses absolutely makes our day! Check out more from our talented affiliate’s @kimofmakeup, @fancymay_makeup, and @adrianalebronmua on their socials and gallery pages.


In May, another batch of cool Cosplays blew us away! This month we were showing off some of the best female characters in anime via your incredible cosplays. Our natural and costume opaque coloured contacts helped you complete a huge range of cosplays in 2020 and we can’t wait to see more in 2021! We may not have been able to go to any conventions this year but we sure made up for it with all the wonderful pictures you tagged us in throughout the year.


In June, we gave a shoutout to one of our awesome affiliates, @khaleesiisaa after her fun Kang & Kodos post. Scroll through the post to see the two completely contrasting ways that she made use of our Cat Eye contact lenses. You can check out more of @khaleesiisaa’s creative looks, here.


In July, we started counting down the days until Halloween and it seems that you were too! Our most popular post was this creepy stitched-up look by @fx_freak along with a collection of terrifying zombies (scroll to see all the pics). If you are looking for Halloween content and SFX makeup all year round, make sure to check out her page.


Just when you thought the Avatar makeup craze was over @courtneyleighhollins delivers this incredible Na’vi makeup that you all went absolutely wild for! Courtney featured our Darth Maul non prescription coloured contacts in this Avatar makeup look that was blended to perfection. @courtneyleighhollins has been working with us since the early days of Coloured Contacts and her talent is out of this world, so make sure to check out her socials, here.


We couldn’t wait any longer to get the Halloween party started so in September we vamped up our page and filled it with zombies, ghouls, and gore. Here’s a selection of spooky looks from our wonderful customers and affiliates; this one really seemed to get your all in the mood for a fright! With gory skulls, pop art zombies, and a plethora of other Halloween classics, we had an exciting start to Halloween 2020.


In one of the biggest posts of the year, The Nightmare Before Christmas proved itself to be a timeless classic. @ladyparadoxx shared an amazing Lock cosplay as part of her Nightmare Before Christmas series and @fx_freak created the perfect mash-up of Jack and Sally.

Since Halloween is our biggest month of the year, we couldn’t resist sharing this extra post for October 2020. This year we created a series of short videos to share some of our affiliate’s Halloween makeup and we think you loved the results as much as we did!


We couldn’t quite let go of Halloween so we shared a collection of awesome looks by @artbybmazz to keep our spooky spirit satisfied in November. With lots of pictures to choose from by @artbybmazz we wish we could have shared them all so make sure to head to her page for more cool content.


As we rounded off the bizarre year that was 2020, we were lucky enough to be tagged in plenty of festive content to help us with that Christmas feeling. Check out our most popular post of December 2020 featuring our affiliate’s @rubymediamakeup and @artbybmazz as well as our customers. This year’s most popular Christmas character was definitely the Grinch so make sure to head to our Instagram to see more Grinch posts.

We are so incredibly thankful for all the amazing creations you made in 2020 as we strive to be the best coloured contacts brand we can be. 2020 was not at all how anyone expected it to be and it brought us so much joy to see our wonderful online community coming together to share incredible makeup looks and brighten up our Instagram feed.

Remember, if you are wondering where to buy coloured contacts, we stock a range of FDA Approved costume and natural contact lenses in a variety of prescriptions to ensure everyone can safely enjoy the magic of changing their eye colour. We strive to make our website as easy to use and as clear as possible so that you can find the perfect contact lenses for your next cosplay, costume, or everyday look.

Here’s a reminder of just some of the things you can do on our website:

  • View our Care Guides to learn more about our coloured contact lenses and how to use them.
  • Shop non prescription and prescription coloured contacts, including lenses for astigmatism.
  • Using our transparency guide you can browse the best coloured contacts for dark eyes.
  • Choose from top brands such as Freshlook and Air Optix coloured contacts.
  • Browse our Gallery to see how our coloured contacts look when worn by our affiliates and get inspiration for your next costume or makeup look.

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Colour Changing Contacts: 2020 Lookbook

Colour Changing Contacts: 2020 Lookbook

We look back at the top 12 Instagram posts from 2020 of our Colour Changing Contacts featuring our talented affiliates and customers.

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