Coloured Contacts in Action: From Glowing UV to Terrifying Terminator Lenses

Coloured Contacts in Action: From Glowing UV to Terrifying Terminator Lenses

Come and check out our coloured lenses in action! Our awesome affiliates have been putting our lenses to good use with some awesome looks and styles. All very talented makeup artists, they are truly doing our lenses some justice!

Set Your Look Aglow

Our selection of glow-in-the-dark lenses are lighting up some killer looks from our affiliates. It’s easy to find a bunch of coloured lenses that are designed glow under a UV or blacklight when you shop with Coloured Contacts.

Instagram User: @lakota.the.strange

Check out our UV i-Glow range to find you own pair of glowing beauties. Select from colours such as:

  • Red UV i-Glow
  • Pink UV i-Glow
  • Blue UV i-Glow
  • Green UV i-Glow
  • Purple Violet UV i-Glow

But why stop at simple colours and shades, some of our most exciting styles are also available as a glowing UV style:

  • Wolf Eye UV i-Glow
  • White Screen UV i-Glow
  • Yellow Cat UV i –Glow
  • White UV i-Glow Zombie

What a selection! UV lenses can be perfect for parties, fancy dress costumes or as a simple accessory for a night out. Clubbing or raving provides the perfect opportunity for you to sport an iridescent pair of peepers. You’re sure to attract all kinds of awesome attention if your look is aglow. Take your costume to whole new levels with this neat and must-have cosmetic accessory!

Instagram User: @c_lina69

When planning a full glowing look, you should never just stop at the glowing eyes. Why pick up some glowing body paint, hair chalk or makeup accessories to make your style stand out from the rest! As you can see here, combing all the elements of UV-related cosmetics can make for some truly out of this world looks. 

Instagram User: @ghoulishfx

You’ll Be Back... For More of These Lenses

Bringing to life the iconic movie character this style can help create some of the most terrifying styles. Choose from the steely robotic stare of the Skynet Terminator lenses or the highly detailed Bionic Eye Terminator lenses for the ultimate appearance. Two of our affiliates opted to try out the awesome Humanoid Terminator lenses in their horror FX looks and you’ll have to agree their body art styles are truly on point!

Instagram User: @glitzglamandgore

It’s just too easy to fall in love with some of the looks created here. If you like what you see, then have a click on the photos above to check out some of the work from our awesome affiliates. Give them a like and a follow to show these guys some support!

Instagram User: @markohfx

Share Your Creativity

The possibilities are endless when it comes to matching a pair of lenses to your own styles and looks, get creative when trying out your new pair of coloured contact lenses!

Got a lens style you want us to see? Then why not posted your photo with the #myccuklenses hashtag to share your photo with us, we are always looking to repost the awesome styles of our coloured contact lens users! Come and check out our social media sites on Instagram, Facebook or Twitter to get social and to get sharing! We can’t wait to see what you all come up with!

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Coloured Contacts in Action: From Glowing UV to Terrifying Terminator Lenses

Coloured Contacts in Action: From Glowing UV to Terrifying Terminator Lenses

Come and see more of our coloured contacts in action. We've got some awesome affiliates wearing some of our best UV glowing lenses and some of our Terminator style lenses!

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