The Best X Men Cosplay Contacts for Your Costume!

The Best X Men Cosplay Contacts for Your Costume!


More and more news is coming out about Marvel’s favourite mutants and the eventual release of a movie to follow Apocalypse. With TV shows, the latest movies, and even a few friends of Deadpool, there are plenty of options to inspire your next X-Men Cosplay costume. So if you’re excited to see what happens to Jean Grey’s fiery dark side, or want to create a costume for the character you want to see in more movies, check out this quick list of our favourite X Men Coloured Contacts to add to your costume.

Add Some Mystique to Your Costume

Avatar Contact Lenses

If you love Cosplay then you’re used to turning into another person, so why not dress up as the greatest superhero Cosplayer with a Mystique costume. Whether you’re looking to attempt Jennifer Lawrence’s costume from the movie franchise, or the elegant outfit of the comic book character, you will want the Yellow Avatar Coloured Contact Lenses to get the iconic yellow eyes of Mystique.

Look Like a Beast with Our Cosmetic Contact Lenses

Orange Werewolf Lenses

Sticking to the best of blue in the X Men universe, we have the fluffy and lovable genius that is Hank McCoy, otherwise known as Beast! If you want to look like an ultra rugged blue creature that can defend the world and make technological advances on a regular basis then this is the costume for you. Beast eyes are different depending on which movie or comic book you’re looking at, but the Orange Werewolf Coloured Contact Lenses are a great option to get a vibrant animalistic eye colour that perfectly accompanies Beast’s blue fur.

Rise from the Ashes with This Glorious Cosplay

Red Wolf UV Lenses

There have been hints that the next X-Men movie will feature a more focused look on Jean Grey’s deity level alter ego, Phoenix. Sophie Turner has already shown off the awesome power of Phoenix in X-Men: Apocalypse but only for a brief amount of time. From what we’ve seen, Phoenix has glowing red eyes so the best option for a Cosplay costume is to include the Red Wolf i-Glow Coloured Contact Lenses so you can have fiery eyes.

Cause a Storm with Your Next Costume

Storm Contact Lenses

Another incredibly powerful woman in the X-Men universe and idolized by many is Storm. Her glazed over white eyes are a recognizable part of her character whenever she is creating giant tornadoes or striking her foes with lightning bolts. If you’re looking for an X Men Storm Cosplay then we would recommend using the White Screen UV i-Glow Coloured Contact Lenses for this look as it will provide a great glazed over effect while you’re walking through the convention centre. The White Mesh Contacts will give you a great colour effect while not completely covering your eye.

Get an Explosive Costume with Gambit Contacts

Voldemort Contact Lenses

Perhaps the most underrated character that has very briefly been added to the X-Men movie franchise is Gambit. If you love the charming and suave con-man turned superhero then why not make him your next costume idea and include the Red Voldemort Coloured Contact Lenses for the perfect Gambit eyes.

A Colossal Success for Your Cosplay

Colossus Contact Lenses

If you ever wished you were covered with indestructible metal that also shows off your hard-earned muscles, then Colossus is the X-Man that you want to use as your next Cosplay costume. Wearing the T1000 Terminator Coloured Contact Lenses is a great way to make your costume look even better. Getting these cosmetic contact lenses will give you a grey iris and pupil effect.

So those were just some of our favourite options for X Men Cosplay Contacts, Which X-Men are you most looking forward to Cosplaying? Will you be dressing up for the premiere of the next few X-Men movies? If you’re still looking for a great Cosplay idea then give us a like and follow on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram and we’ll keep providing you with great costume ideas.

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The Best X Men Cosplay Contacts for Your Costume!

The Best X Men Cosplay Contacts for Your Costume!

Get inspired to make your next X Men Cosplay the best that it can be by adding some coloured contact lenses. From Phoenix to Storm Cosplay ideas, you'll find something to make your costume look...

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