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With Coloured Contacts, it has never been easier to get natural coloured contact lenses! If you have you always longed to try a different eye colour but want the look to be realistic and not fake, we have something suitable for you! It’s time to rock an alternative look in a way that looks like you could have been born with it! We have such a large range of natural coloured contact lenses, it has never been easier to get the exact look that you’re looking for, whether it be for daily or for you next fancy dress costume. No matter what the occasion or the season, you can be sure that your eyes will quickly become your best accessory in one of our fantastic natural colours.

From natural blue to natural green, our range of products cover designs from one tone coloured contacts, tri-tone coloured contacts and glimmer coloured contacts designs – to name a few! If you’re worried about your darker eye colour town, especially dark brown eyes, you don’t have to worry about your natural eye colour coming through. The strong pigmentation in our lenses should have everything covered!

A Huge Variety To Choose From

Before you get your natural coloured contact lenses you should know everything about the different style and colours we have to offer. You can choose from single or 3 tone contact lenses in any colour you choose. These silky, comfortable contact lenses made by Eyefusion give you the appearance of natural eye colour. No matter what hue you choose, you can have fun keeping friends guessing by purchasing reusable natural effect contact lenses in a range of colours to complement any mood. You can accessorise your eyes in only seconds with the large selection of natural effect design choices offered. Our natural effect contact lenses are easy to use for a night out or any special event. Here are few of our different styles for you to feast your eyes on!

  • UV reactive finish lenses glow under ultraviolet light and appear light baby blue under normal lighting conditions. These Eyefusion contact lenses are soft and comfortable to wear for cosmetic use which makes them the perfect choice for Halloween or Cosplay.

  • Mesh contact lenses add colour and an unexpected design to your eyes. These lenses cover the iris and the pupil. Mesh lenses are safe and comfortable to wear. They are available in several colours and will make an unexpected addition to any costume.

  • For an even more dramatic look, check out Eyefusion’s full sclera contact lenses. These black lenses cover your entire eye and give you a truly scary look that will make a shocking accessory to your Halloween costume.

These natural effect designs and eye-catching colours and are always cutting edge and lets you set the trends, dress up your eyes for Halloween or cosplay or just give your look an edge.

Ordering Made Easy

We always prioritise our customers here at Coloured Contacts, and we believe our user-friendly is the perfect way for you to browse through our expansive collection. However, we always recommend that before ordering your new lenses, your first step in the ordering process is to consult an optometrist. Even if you do not require corrective lenses, consulting an optometrist will ensure that you are getting a proper fit and know all the details about how to care for your contact lenses. Anyone can wear our lenses as they are all non-corrective, meaning they should not alter your vision in any way.

We pride ourselves with the idea that all of our contacts are made with high-quality materials, and with brands such as Eyefusion, you can be assured you will be using the very best! Our range of lenses are made from the best materials, we wouldn’t be selling them if they weren’t! Since only the finest quality materials are used in the manufacture of Eyefusion contacts lenses, the contact lenses are safe, comfortable and easy to wear. They are delivered to your door in sealed packages ready to use the moment they arrive. Extremely comfortable and safe, Eyefusion contacts can be ordered in 1-day wear, 90-day wear and 1 year options, which means you can choose from a variety of duration options.

With all of our prices being at a cheap and affordable level, it becomes possible to get natural coloured contact lenses again and again at little cost. If you love trying out new looks and experimenting with various ideas, then our affordable prices mean you can try as many different natural shades as you please! Whilst trying out all of these new looks it is important to look after and maintain your coloured contact lenses. Poor maintenance of your coloured contacts could lead to eye infections, which isn’t what we want for your peepers! We always encourage safe practice with our contact lenses so that your experience with our products is a fun and positive one!

We order the same quality of product and service as our competitors at Amazon, eBay or Freshlook. Coloured Contacts has received many positive reviews from customers regarding both product and quality of customer service. Any questions you may have about your new pair of natural coloured contacts should be directed at our team of experienced staff who would be more than happy to assist with any issue, no matter how small!